• Support standard server client web architecture
  • Support multi-tenant architecture
  • Support probe design to collect data from remote site without VPN or behind NAT
User Management
  • Support read-write and read-only privileges by modules
  • Supported languages:
    • English
    • Simplified Chinese
    • Traditional Chinese
Device Discovery
  • Support SNMP v1, v2c, v3 scan
  • Support IPv4 address range scan
  • Support smart scan by neighborhood
  • Support discover across LAN by probe
Link Discovery
  • Support LLDP, FDB based link discovery
Auto Discovery
  • Support periodically discovery with specific time period
Inventory Management
  • Support inventory and devices export
  • Support devices grouping by label, a device can belong to multiple label
  • Support overall system and product summary for wired or wireless devices
  • Support customized dashboard
  • Support the following methods to data collection
    • SNMP
    • PING
Topology View
  • Support auto-topology generation
  • Support customized topology generation
  • Support devices status display
  • Support link status display
  • Support different structure of topology (tree type, start type)
  • Support multi-layer topology for following views
  • Support customized background image overlay for following views
Panel View
  • Support panel and LED status of switches
  • Support panel view with stacking switches
Status Polling
  • Support multiple polling methods
    • Ping
    • SNMP
  • Support customized polling time for each devices or by group
Event & Notification
  • Support customized criteria or threshold to trigger the event based on following rules
    • Value Match
    • Keyword Match
    • Keyword Combination Match
  • Support customized escalation rules
  • Support email notification to defined users
Device Configuration
  • Support pre-defined template to quick config single or multiple devices
  • Support script dispatch with variables (such as IP, system name, etc.) defined by each devices
Firmware Upgrade
  • Support firmware upgrade for single or multiple devices
Config Backup / Restore
  • Support one-time scheduled config backup for single or multiple devices
  • Support periodically scheduled config backup for single or multiple devices
  • Support config restore by system-stored or user by user- uploaded file for single or multiple devices
Task Management
  • Support one-time scheduled task
  • Support periodically scheduled task